The team

“Our first choice of nursery for our son' Joesph was Buttons Nursery. We wanted to wean my son in slowly and the nursery was able to cater for such needs. With the support of the nursery, we have gradually increased the sessions to fit in with our work patterns. Joseph has been going to Buttons Nursery since he was 10 months to present at 2 and a half years old. He absolutely loves nursery: he talks about his little friends and staff all the time; he talks about his lunch and daily activities; and he demonstrates the things he learns such as counting in Welsh, and singing nursery rhymes. Joseph's knowledge has developed so well as a result of being at Buttons Nursery, and therefore he will be so ready for school next year.

Buttons Nursery are very efficient at keeping us parents up-to-date with our children's development on a daily basis, and over longer periods. The food that is prepared for the children is fantastic, and we have learnt foods that Joseph likes that we may not have ever given him if we hadn't known he was given it at nursery. We would recommend Buttons Nursery to anybody, and if we had another child we wouldn’t think twice about using the nursery again.

A big thank you to Buttons Nursery.”

Joseph and his parents

“Buttons Nursery has given my daughter a brilliant head start with her education and social skills.  Buttons provide a caring, welcoming atmosphere and it is a pleasure seeing how happy my daughter is when we get there.  The staff at Buttons show a lot of affection to the children and always inform me of how my daughter has been throughout the day.

Seeing how much fun my child has at Buttons Nursery has made returning to work a lot easier.  Thank you to all the staff.”

Mother of Summer

“Our son has been attending Buttons for three years now and we have been delighted with the care he has received there.

The staff are all professional and friendly and are always willing to help with any concerns, however small. They know the children well and our son always looks forward to a nursery day as he enjoys the company of the staff and children there and loves the different activities. He will be very sad to leave, but Buttons has stood him in good stead for starting school. Our daughter has just started in the baby unit and is settling well, thanks to the efforts of the staff there. We are sure she will soon enjoy going just as much as our son does!

Buttons' staff are genuinely caring and interested in the children and we are sure that our children are getting the best care. We could not recommend Buttons highly enough to parents looking for a nursery for their baby or child.”

Maria (Pip and Sophie's mum)


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